3A Composites USA, the manufacturer of ALUCOBOND® PLUS aluminum composite material (ACM) and ALUCOBOND® FaceFastened, has successfully passed third party NFPA 285 testing on a wood-framed assembly, commonly used in low rise multi-family and mixed-use market segments. What’s more, the positive result expands the opportunity to utilize the system on steel stud construction and mass wall assemblies. NFPA 285 is a fire test method which evaluates how fire is expected to spread on an exterior multi-story wall. 

This outcome positively confirms that ALUCOBOND® PLUS panels, installed utilizing ALUCOBOND® FaceFastened, are compliant with standards set by the International Building Codes (ICC-IBC) paving the way for its use in future projects.

“The NFPA 285 approval for the FaceFastened system further proves that ALUCOBOND® PLUS meets and exceeds the ICC-IBC standards for fire performance, positively contributing to the safety of future occupants,” said Thomas Rogers, technical lead, 3A Composites Americas.

The recent test confirms the fire-resistant characteristics of ALUCOBOND® PLUS and support its use innon-combustible construction. In summary, ALUCOBOND® PLUS ACM and the ALUCOBOND®FaceFastened attachment system supports various NFPA 285 compliant assemblies. Designed for use in a wide range of applications, ALUCOBOND® FaceFastened is a straightforward screwed ACM system that utilizes its own proprietary rails andattachment screws to create a seamless, flush-mounted appearance that is both visually striking and highly functional.

This system — used in tandem with ALUCOBOND® PLUS which is available in 91 trend-forward stock colors and finishes,as well as a plethora of custom colors — effortlessly supports the creative vision of any architect or designer.

“These test results demonstrate our commitment to 3A Composites’ core values of continuous improvement, drive and customer focus,” stated Nick Scheib, general manager, Architectural Division, 3A Composites Americas. “We are dedicated to providing industry-leading innovations that perform to thehighest safety standards while also enabling architects and builders to deliver eye-catching, on-trend designs.”