Building Enclosure was recently joined by Angie Ogino, Senior Technical Services Leader at Owens Corning. Angie is also responsible for all Owens Corning 3rd party fire containment testing and provides engineering evaluations and technical support on firestopping for the design community. 

Angie is the vice president of the International Firestop Council, and the vice president of Fire Safe North America. While institutional and commercial buildings vary widely in design details, one trend that spans building types is the increased use of vision glass. This trend has been continuing for years, but few listed assemblies are available to support it – making an engineering judgment essential. 

Listen in as Angie talks about how architects are managing the trend toward more vision glass, given the challenges it causes with maintaining life safety and building to code. She also goes over how increased vision glass is influencing the height of where fire containment systems can be installed.

Angie describes why an engineering judgment is required when specifying life safety systems, what parties have authority to conduct an engineering judgment, and the general process involved.