Award winners were announced by ATAS for their 2022 Project of the Year competition. There were seven award categories: commercial roofs, commercial walls, residential roofs, residential walls, accents, sustainable, and interiors. Each award recognized projects in which ATAS products were incorporated into the design and construction of the building. First, second, and third place winners in each category were chosen by an independent panel of judges, comprised of ATAS advisory board members.

City Modern–The Hybrid in Detroit, MI received the first-place honors for commercial roofs.  Classic Bronze Dutch Seam panels were used as both roof panels and as wall cladding to create a striking continuous aesthetic for this building.  The architect on this project was Bedrock Detroit, and the panels were installed by Pro-Shield LLC.  The panels were purchased through ABC Supply Company.  Dutch Seam is a continuous standing seam panel with an integral seam.  It is a highly engineered wind and rain resistant panel system, designed for strength and durability.  The integral lock, seam design, and clip prevent rotation of the seam and provides a stronger interlock during an uplift event.    

For the commercial walls category, 4400 Syracuse in Denver, CO took first place.  CastleTop panels in Black, Hemlock Green, and Charcoal Grey manufactured from .032 aluminum with a stucco embossed finish were installed by MV Construction.  The unique design of this building’s façade was created by KTGY Architecture.  CEI Materials was the distributor.  CastleTop® is a diamond-shaped flat shingle for a unique roof or wall appearance. The shingle offers easy installation with concealed fasteners.  Assorted colors may be combined to create interesting patterns, as was the case for this project. CastleTop may be used for commercial or residential roof and wall applications with a recommended minimum slope of 3:12.

Taking the first-place award in the residential roofs category was a private residence in Longport, NJ, and the roof was designed by Thomas Bechtold Architecture.  Dutch Seam panels in Silversmith were installed by D & A Home Improvement, which were purchased through ABC Supply Company.  Al Becker, Principal of D & A Home Improvement, said, “The house was originally designed for an asphalt shingle roof, but after looking at the roof lines, we talked to the owners and the general contractor and recommended a change to ATAS’ Dutch Seam metal roof.  We felt the roof lines would give the house a great look and the homeowners are thrilled beyond measure with the results.” 

For the residential walls category, a private residence in Williamsburg, NY took first place.  A combination of Versa-Seam panels and custom panels, both in Charcoal Grey, were used to create this interesting design by architect Brad Hurtado.  Go2Builders installed the panels, which were supplied by Silverstone Sheet Metal.  Versa-Seam is a rainscreen style system that requires a waterproof building envelope behind it. The panel forms architectural shadow lines in its horizontal installation and is available with three optional reveal or shadow line configurations and optional end folds. 

The Holualoa Renovation in Tucson, AZ won first place in the accents category.  The design/build firm of Repp & McLain Design & Construction chose a custom exposed wall panel in Slate Grey for this renovation project.  ABC Supply was the distributor.  Andy Pearman, Outside Salesperson for ABC Supply in Tucson, stated “The project was a retrofit; the previous structure had been used as an office space.  The wall panel installation was superior, and the quality of the ATAS panels was above expectations.  The ABC and ATAS partnership allowed a great solution for the architect and achieved a distinctive end result.”

For the sustainable category, the Minneapolis Bus Garage in Minneapolis, MN took first place.  InSpire solar air heating wall panels, in .032 aluminum in Black and Classic Bronze were installed on this project by Atomic Sheet Metal.  LHB Inc. designed the project, and the engineers were Hallberg Engineering, Inc.  The panels were purchased through Lansing Building Products. “Sustainability was a key driver in the design of Metro Transit’s new North Loop bus garage in Minneapolis.  This passive solar innovation, used by LHB on several projects, allowed a reduction in the cost of the mechanical system and the energy required to heat the building.  When value engineering ideas came up, the ATAS InSpire wall panel system still proved to be the most economical solution for the whole project, up-front and lifecycle costs alike.  Serving a dual purpose on a project of this size, as an exterior cladding and a vital element in the mechanical system, this strategy will save Metro Transit thousand of dollars in heating costs over the life of the building,” stated Aaron Kelly, architect at LHB, Inc.

A new studio office in Brewster, NY won first-place in the interiors category.  ATAS’ Corrugated Panel in Matte Black was chosen for the ceiling of this project, which was complemented by the wood ceiling components.  ENV Architects, DPC designed this office, and the ceiling panels were installed by OP Builders.  The general contractor was Cerlich Construction and the panels, and the distributor was ABC Supply.  David Rush, President of ENV Architects, DPC in New York City, said “The studio was conceived and intended to repurpose the original farm’s late 1800’s barn foundation into a new “agri-modern” structure featuring a “silo” element, which would be an office for me.  Using ATAS corrugated metal for the ceiling was important to align the sustainability goal, along with the use of the same metal panels and structural insulated panels (SIPs) on the exterior of this building.”

Jim Bush, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ATAS, stated, “It was exciting to view all the projects submitted for this year’s competition, and it was great to see the project winners in all seven categories.  Congratulations to all the architects, contractors, and distributors who were involved in these 2022 award-winning projects.  As metal continues to grow in use for commercial and residential projects, and for both new construction and retrofit applications, we look forward to receiving even more exciting project nominations for the 2023 competition.”

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