Kingspan Insulated Panels North America today announces its QuadCore® Technology is now standard on all its panels used in cold storage applications.

QuadCore Technology is Kingspan’s next generation of self-blended hybrid insulation core. The class-leading R-value of R-9.0 per inch for cold storage applications means QuadCore is the most thermally efficient insulation core on the market. Kingspan’s QuadCore Technology delivers R-values 11% better than high-quality PIR and up to 60% better than PUR.

Kingspan’s KS Series panels have thicknesses that range from 2” – 6” to meet performance needs depending on the application, while its KS range of interior panels are available in up to 8” thick. Both ranges of panels are also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which screens for more than 360 volatile organic compounds (VOC) and total chemical emissions to ensure that products are not harmful to building occupants and do not adversely impact indoor environment quality (IEQ).

“For cold storage facilities, it’s all about performance and efficiency, meaning R-value is incredibly important,” said Karim Muri, Vice President, Marketing Services and Strategy Developments. “We’ve seen a demand from cold storage facility business owners looking to use products that will maximize thermal efficiency and improve performance. With QuadCore having the best R-value on the market, we knew this transition would provide clients with the highest performing product when it comes to cold storage.”

The demand for cold storage facilities is projected to only increase over the next few years. The global cold storage market size was valued at $138.97 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to $579.81 billion by 2030.

Kingspan’s controlled environments products are engineered for exceptional thermal performance for use in a wide range of cold storage applications, including warehouse freezer boxes, food processing and the growing sector of indoor farms.

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