FiberTite® Roof Systems, a leader in single-ply roof membranes, has launched VBX™, a new air and vapor barrier solution that doubles as a temporary roof so that interior construction can continue long before the roof system is completed. Lengthy delays in the construction process are often the result of labor or material inaccessibility and can impact commercial facilities of all types. The FiberTite VBX Air and Vapor Barrier has exceptional durability for protecting the building and everything inside for up to 180 days, allowing the construction process to continue with ease.

“The VBX Air and Vapor Barrier is a game changer for building owners, general contractors and roofing installers because it stands up to the elements during and after construction,” said Ripa Roy, senior product manager, FiberTite Roof Systems. “VBX has lasting power for up to 180 days before the roof is installed. And as the first air and vapor barrier to receive a Class A fire rating, VBX provides added peace of mind that the building is protected throughout the construction process.”

The VBX Air and Vapor Barrier can be installed year-round in all climate zones. It is proven to withstand fire spread, support foot traffic and resist the elements, all while preventing air infiltration and water intrusion. Because of its outstanding performance, customers can confidently continue installing sensitive systems before the roof is complete, such as electrical, drywall, HVAC, plumbing and more.

Key features and benefits of VBX include:

  • Durability. VBX offers best-in-class physical strength and is the first air and vapor barrier to be certified as Class A fire rated in accordance with the ASTM E108 standard. 
  • Installation flexibility. VBX can be installed any time of year and in any climate zone. 
  • Ease of installation. VBX is mechanically attached directly over steel decking and eliminates the need for a thermal barrier, resulting in lower material and labor costs. It also provides the most area coverage per roll compared to other vapor barrier solutions. 


“VBX saves time, money and resources up front and continues to provide lasting air, water and thermal protection for the life of the roof,” Ripa Roy said. “It is a perfect complement to FiberTite Roof System’s high-performing KEE roof membranes that are entrusted to provide operational security for the world’s most powerful brands.”

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