ProPink® Complete™ Blown-in wall system from Owens Corning is custom fit for high performance walls with six-sided contact. Installing quickly and cleanly, the system is the easiest way to achieve a Grade-1 install and pass inspection the first time. The system is comprised of:

  • ProPink® Complete Loosefill Insulation - a high-yield loosefill insulation with High-Performance Fiberizing Technology that can be installed to reach the exact R-value needed using less material. It fits easily into any cavity shape and depth and fills around wires, pipes, electrical boxes and other obstructions.
  • ProPink® Complete Loosefill Fabric - a spunbond, pointbond polyester, non-woven material designed to provide minimal stretch, making it easier to install without overfilling. The enhanced fabric delivers improved durability, faster installation (up to 20% on average) and higher quality to extend your materials and budget. 
  • Inspect-R Density Gauge - Owens Corning’s exclusive tool provides quick, accurate, non-invasive R-value measurement to prevent overblowing the cavity. 

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