The newest product offering from CertainTeed since January, OPTIMA MidFloor is a premium product that is easy-to-install, dampens unwanted noise and provides unprecedented fire protection.

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, OPTIMA MidFloor:

  • Is perfect for multi-story homes, apartment complexes and hotel buildings
  • Can work in conjunction with or even replace sprinkler systems - providing an additional level of fire protection, peace of mind and saving costs up to 25 percent
  • Works more efficiently than batts, filling all voids completely and in drastically reduced time
  • Cuts the intensity of transferable sound by half, making a night and day difference compared to having no midfloor insulation
  • Adheres to CertainTeed’s holistic approach to sustainability, either meeting or exceeding ALL new code requirements in North America and contributes to LEED certifications

This product is a great example of the ways CertainTeed is not only addressing issues, but going beyond solutions to provide added benefits. Ideal for contractors and developers, OPTIMA MidFloor adds to CertainTeed’s already impressive product catalog of insulation products.