FCA, a leading Philadelphia-based architecture and design firm, announced today that it is officially dropping the company name, “Francis Cauffman Architects,” from the brand, effective immediately. This rebrand allows the organization to continue diversifying its portfolio, free of name associations while providing further brand clarity and consistency.

“We believe that this rebrand is in the best interest of both our firm and our clients,” says President of FCA, John Campbell. “It’s important to create room for future growth while fine-tuning our existing processes and branding efforts. We’re excited to continue to honor the initials of the firm’s founders while evolving and expanding the breadth of our expertise under our new name.” 

Since its inception in 1954, FCA has remained dedicated to creating spaces that are uniquely suited to the needs of those utilizing them, thereby enhancing the lives of clients and end users. Indicative of the organization’s commitment to progress, the rebrand assists the firm’s ongoing mission to bolster these efforts while streamlining collaboration.

FCA initiated the shift during a previous brand refresh that took place in 2018. The updated name reflects the company’s respect for its heritage while firmly grounding them in the present as they continue to expand beyond the firm’s roots in New York City and Philadelphia. This overhaul further demonstrates the firm’s enthusiasm to open up avenues for expansion and shows leadership’s determination to clearly identify the brand and communicate ongoing efforts.

As one of the premier architecture and design firms on the East Coast, FCA affirms their belief in the social mission of architecture through its commitment to giving physical form to the culture of its clients. Though FCA has changed in name, the firm remains focused on its guiding principles––creating a sense of place, meeting the unique needs of inhabitants, maintaining environmental responsibility, and continuing an intensely collaborative process.