Drawing on 125 years of experience and leadership in the architectural wire mesh industry, Banker Wire is expanding its offerings to include flexible mesh patterns and engineered fastening methods for installation. Architects will now be able to leverage Banker’s knowledge of mesh properties and project management expertise to specify complete flexible mesh systems for building facades and interiors.
 Banker is the leading manufacturer of rigid wire mesh, most often used for wall cladding, railing infill, and other decorative applications where a strong, flat, panelized product is required. The addition of flexible mesh means new opportunities for architects working with wire mesh.
 To bring the flexible product to market, Banker has partnered with Spanish company Codina Architectural. Together, Banker and Codina will manufacture, engineer, and deliver the highest quality flexible mesh and systems on the market.
 “We partnered with Codina Architectural because of their engineering capabilities, and because we share the same mission,” adds Horan. “We are dedicated to providing clients with the ideal mesh solution for their particular application.”
 Flexible wire mesh is constructed and installed differently than rigid wire mesh. The material consists of spiral-shaped wires that link together with a rod that passes through the spiral shape’s opening, creating a belt with loose intersections. As a result, flexible mesh requires fewer components and structural support, allowing it to hang freely in various shapes or be installed in tension on building facades.
 Banker’s flexible mesh systems provide more creative freedom, allowing for movement and long, uninterrupted expanses. The mesh can meet a wide variety of aesthetics while shading the sun and providing a secure, but ventilated barrier. The material’s large dimensions also make it more cost-effective from an installation standpoint because it significantly reduces the amount of materials needed to cover large areas.
 “We know wire mesh better than any other manufacturer, and we are excited to draw on this expertise to create the highest quality flexible mesh and systems in the industry,” says Harrison Horan, VP of Sales and Marketing for Banker Wire. “Architects and designers have long relied on Banker for industry-leading wire mesh solutions, and this will greatly expand what we can deliver in terms of design and performance.”
For more information about Banker’s flexible mesh systems, visit: https://www.bankerwire.com/architectural-systems/flexible-mesh-systems/
For images, detailed descriptions, and specs of Banker’s flexible mesh patterns, visit: https://www.bankerwire.com/products/