AkzoNobel’s reputation for the market-leading durability of its products is showcased in an innovative new video.

Using one of its most popular products - CERAM-A-STAR 1050 – as an example, the video shows in real-world terms how the company’s coil coatings products provide best-in-class gloss and color retention, even when exposed to harsh weathering elements like humidity, UV rays, blazing heat or driving rain. 

CERAM-A-STAR 1050 has been protecting brands and reputations since 2005 with the industry’s strongest, most proven, durable and best performing SMP paint system.

The coating is part of a wider AkzoNobel campaign to demonstrate the exceptional performance and leading durability of its coil coatings against harsh weather conditions.

Watch video: https://youtu.be/8sLWikErE_8

“AkzoNobel protects your brand and your reputation,” says Manoel Rodrigues, Regional Business Director, Americas. “With expertise built up over 200 years, we go beyond performance with quality products designed to stand the test of time. As demonstrated in the video with CERAM-A-STAR 1050, rigorous outdoor testing under the harshest weather conditions ensures that every coating we produce performs to a level that exceeds expectations.” 

AkzoNobel’s robust testing regime epitomizes its commitment to adding value to customers through quality, service, and most importantly, being a trusted partner. Whatever product they use, AkzoNobel customers and end users can be confident that their projects will last for years to come.

“As a trusted partner, we provide robust, long-lasting solutions for coil and extrusion applications. Customers can rely on us to deliver an extensive portfolio of proven products coupled with excellent support when they need it,” says Shea Goble-Smith, Sales Manager, Coil Segments.

For more information on the durability and performance of AkzoNobel’s coil coatings, contact your representative or visit the coil coatings website.