Standing Seam Shingle and Monarch Batten Seam, metal panels manufactured by ATAS International, have long been used for metal roofing.  Recently, they have been adopted for use as metal wall cladding.

Standing Seam Shingles are elegant in their style and feature a four-way interlock to ensure weathertightness. These panels are installed with concealed fasteners over a solid substrate. Transverse seams are staggered to provide clean lines running up the wall achieving a unique vertical shingle look.  These shingles are available in .032 aluminum or 16 oz. copper and are available in two panel sizes: 16” x 36” and 16” x 60”, with a 1” panel depth.  Their compact size makes them very easy to handle on the job site, and should you need a few panels to finish up a project, they can be boxed up and quickly shipped out via a package delivery service.

Monarch is a “batten” style panel with an integral batten and seam. The batten seam and lock are an integral part of the panel, and a vertical “leg” is formed as an extra water barrier. A clip is hooked over the leg; this allows for the expansion of the system. The panels interlock with each other. All clips and fasteners required to install the panel are concealed with the batten of the consecutive panel. Continuous panel lengths eliminate cross seams. Easy one-piece installation lowers on-site labor cost, and there are no extra caps or strips to install. Also, no special equipment is required to zip or seam the panels together.  Monarch Batten Seam panels are available in aluminum, metallic coated steel, 55% Al-Zn alloy coated steel with acrylic coating, and in 16 and 20 oz. copper.  There are three panel widths to choose from: 8”, 12”, and 16”, all with a 2” panel depth in a smooth or stucco embossed texture.  This panel can be installed on a wall vertically or horizontally. 

Aesthetics of the Standing Seam Shingle and Monarch Batten Seam wall panels can be enhanced by using factory fabricated Elite Series trims, including Z Boxes for electrical and vent penetrations.  Both panels could also be used for interior wall applications.

Jim Bush, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ATAS, said, “In addition to the continual research and development of new products, we also continue to discover new applications for our existing products.  The appearance of standing seams and batten seams in wall installations are becoming more popular.  Therefore, it was an obvious choice to add these existing products to our ever-expanding line of wall panel profiles.”