Tnemec Company Inc. announces the launch of three low-VOC polyurethane coatings: Series 1094, Series 1095 and Series 1096 Endura-Shield. These innovative new products, like other Endura-Shield coatings before them, provide UV protection to a wide variety of structures across multiple environments and climates.

User-friendly and easy to apply, Tnemec’s newest polyurethane topcoats contain as low as 75 grams per liter VOCs, and can be applied by brush, roller or spray equipment. These products deliver the performance of Series 1074U/1075U Endura-Shield II, but with lower VOCs. With a UV inhibitor package as part of their standard formulations, this trio of topcoats also extend aesthetic performance and maintain long-term durability, while still remaining VOC compliant in every air district.  

“We formulated these new products with performance and VOCs as the driving factors,” said Remi Briand, vice president of R&D at Tnemec. “After testing them in the lab and applying them in the field, we were very pleased with the balance of performance and application properties.”

Key features of the new coatings include:

  • Low VOC formulation
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Brush, roll or spray on application
  • LEED v4 compliancy
  • Applicator friendly

“Our representatives in the field have confirmed that owners, engineers and applicators have all been impressed with these products,” said Briand. “The Endura-Shield products are already making an impact for specifiers in a variety of markets, and because of our extensive testing protocols, we know they’ll continue to perform for a long time.”

The coatings are available in eggshell (1096), semi-gloss (1095) and gloss (1094) finishes, and in any standard Tnemec color. The Endura-Shield polyurethanes offer all the versatility of other topcoats in the Tnemec lineup and can be applied to a wide variety of substrates in combination with a long list of primers, including zinc-rich urethanes and waterborne epoxy primers.