New AeroWeb Low-VOC Aerosol Contact Adhesive/Primer from Mule-Hide Products Co. is a versatile productivity-booster, delivering aggressive adhesion and a quick drying time while going on as much as 60 percent faster than traditional roller-applied adhesives.

The new adhesive can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • adhering standard TPO and standard EPDM membranes to horizontal and vertical surfaces;
  • adhering fleece back membranes to vertical surfaces;
  • enhancing the bond between Mule-Hide F5 Air & Vapor Barrier and various substrates;
  • priming unexposed asphalt prior to applying Mule-Hide Helix® Low-Rise Adhesive for insulation attachment.

AeroWeb’s low-VOC (volatile organic compound), methylene chloride-free formula provides powerful adhesion and a quick drying time in a wide range of temperatures, helping contractors avoid weather-related delays. It can be applied as an adhesive or primer in ambient temperatures as low as 25 F.

Fast, even aerosol application saves crews time while also increasing the coverage rate. Applied using a self-contained spray system, AeroWeb goes on up to 60 percent faster than traditional roller-applied adhesives. The web-like spray pattern also means that the adhesive must be applied to just 75 percent of the surface, versus 100 percent coverage with roller-applied adhesives.

A short tack time and long application window further boost crew productivity. AeroWeb flashes off in less than five minutes – significantly faster than other contact adhesives – so crews aren’t kept waiting. AeroWeb then remains sticky longer, enabling crews to work with larger sections of membrane.

Set-up is minimal. Clean-up of tools and surfaces is fast and easy using UN-TACK™ safe solvent or mineral spirits.

AeroWeb complies with VOC-related regulations in all 50 states.

AeroWeb is sold in #40 cylinders filled with 30 pounds of adhesive. One cylinder typically covers 1,000 square feet when used as a contact adhesive.