Sto Corp., the innovative world leader in full system facades, prefabrication, air barriers, coatings, and restoration solutions announces the introduction of The A.R.T. of reStore which, upon its release, becomes the most comprehensive solution for building facade restoration on the market. It is a complete approach to facade restoration, providing a single source for all materials and services involved in maintenance and restoration, making a complex and stressful project streamlined and straightforward. Whether it requires simple maintenance, or a complete facade restoration, Sto updates and repairs a building’s exterior with any desired aesthetic, providing everything the building design needs: products, support, services, and surfaces.

It’s all spelled out in its name. “A.R.T. stands for Aesthetics, Repair and Transformation,” said Zak Veres, Product Manager, Facade Restoration for Sto Corp, “Or more plainly, What do you want your building to look like? What are your building’s issues and how are we going to fix them? And how can we transform the performance of your building?”

When it comes to Aesthetics, Sto offers a variety of surface, color and texture options, ranging from stone, metal, glass, and wood to highly textured or extremely smooth finishes. Sto Studio is there to collaborate during the architectural design process to help bring the creative design inspiration to life. They consult on color and material options and provide color renderings to help determine the most appealing aesthetic options.

For repair, “Our Comprehensive Repair Guide addresses 30 of the most common problems affecting EIFS, stucco, concrete and masonry with step-by-step illustrated solutions,” said Veres describing one of Sto’s restoration resources, “Nobody in our industry has something like this.” Just about any repair or restoration is covered by one of the four levels that are defined in the Guide.  These include a Level One Clean and Recoat, a Level Two Repair and Refinish to head off issues before they become major problems, a Level Three Overclad to correct moisture intrusion and improve energy efficiency and, at the most extreme, a Level Four Remove and Reclad for major renovations.

Transforming a building through the A.R.T. of reStore can have impacts well beyond appearance. Existing buildings account for up to 75 percent of a major city’s greenhouse gas emissions. Restoring these buildings with a fully engineered system from Sto provides an airtight envelope with continuous insulation, transforming them into energy efficient buildings that can attain Net-Zero and Net-Positive energy performance. As governments turn their focus toward climate protection policy, the need for deep energy retrofits of existing buildings will only grow.

With concerns about climate change and carbon emissions from the construction of new buildings increasing, it is becoming recognized that restoration of our existing building stock is critical. 

The A.R.T. of reStore delivers a comprehensive solution to renovate existing building facades and transform our built environment into aesthetically beautiful, high performing buildings that will last for future generations.

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