We’re happy to announce something new to our issue! You’ll notice that we have a special roof coatings section. In this section, we have a guest column from our director emeritus John D’Annunzio. In his piece, John takes a look at the growth of the roof coatings market and how changes in the industry can be linked to environmental concerns and advancements.

We also have a special Q&A session courtesy of our sister publication Roofing Contractor. In this session, RC sat down with the Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association to discuss important topics relevant to our industry. They touched on the current state of the roof coatings market in the U.S., how coatings applications have evolved to be more environmentally friendly, and shared some thoughts on the future of this segment of the roofing industry.

You'll also find that we've highlighted some new and improved products in the coatings market. We believe these products are safer to use now more than ever and will keep the coatings industry relevant for years to come. Coatings products over the years have evolved. They now have lower VOCs and manufacturers continue to push those limits lower and lower. Roof coatings are chosen repeatedly for their part in energy conservation and reflectivity attributes.

Every print issue of Building Enclosure will have these special sections going forward. For us, it’s our chance to spotlight different segments of our industry and keep our readers up-to-date on all the latest innovations, codes and standards set by these markets. In upcoming issues, you’ll see sections devoted to metal, solar, drones and insulation (just to name a few).

As always, it’s our goal to keep you ahead of the game. Be sure to visit buildingenclosureonline.com daily to see breaking news, new products and more of our technical features. We hope to see you on one of our upcoming webinars!