Up and coming industry experts present the latest business trends and techniques at METALCON 2019, the metal construction industry’s largest international event for metal construction products, technologies and solutions taking place in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Oct. 16 - Friday, Oct. 18.

Back by popular demand after making his debut last year is Danny Kerr. co-founder and managing partner of Breakthrough Academy (BTA), a company designed to help entrepreneurs in the trades grow their company’s profitability while taking back control of their time.

Kerr will present The 3 Keys to Getting Out of the Day-to-Day in Your Business in the main PPG Theater on both Wednesday, Oct. 16 and Thursday, Oct. 17 from 2:00-2:45 p.m.  In this session, attendees will learn the three solutions to the biggest challenges faced when growing a business and leave with the tools and insights to developing a highly effective organization including: a proven system for recruiting the top talent in the industry; a processes to track numbers on every job and predict profitability in 2020; and the unusual planning methodology that will focus staff’s goals towards one common objective.  BTA works with more than 220 business owners across the continent and was rated as Canada’s 16th fastest startup by Maclean’s magazine in 2018.

“Most construction professionals are experts in their fields but often lack the guidance and systems required to get themselves out of the day-to-day activities and into more strategic roles so they can focus on growing their businesses to their full potential,” said Kerr.  “I will share the exact forms and templates I’ve used to profitably scale my trades’ business.”

Kerr will also present Structuring Your Company for Maximum Productivity in the Learning Center on Wednesday, Oct. 16 and Thursday, Oct. 17 from 3:00-3:30 p.m.  Attendees will leave with all the basic tools and templates to grow their businesses in a structured and systematic way including: a defined organizational structure outlining all of the roles needed to achieve company goals; job descriptions for staff, defining accountability and deliverables, all methodically leading towards achieving annual business goals; and a week-by-week sales and production plan that aligns with year-end goals; and a system to monitor actual results throughout the year.   

“Creating an aligned and defined organizational structure is a key component to running a profitable and scalable business,” said Kerr.  “Having your staff operating with clear roles, goals and deliverables is the foundation to productivity and success."

New to the show this year is Sam Beiler, co-founder and CEO of BoostpointLLC.  Beiler is a marketing professional and entrepreneur who understands that building a brand isn’t just for big businesses with big budgets.  He empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses to generate more revenue with a streamlined platform that creates targets, publishes and measures digital ad campaigns.  He also leads marketing workshops and webinars to share practical strategies that help professionals build a brand as recognizable and exceptional as their service.

Beiler is presenting How to Build a Local Brand that Generates More Business in the Learning Center on Wednesday, Oct. 16, from 2:00-2:30 p.m.  He will share his knowledge and expertise on how to get the biggest bang for the advertising buck and how to leverage social media ad platforms to grow a business.  Attendees will learn how to unlock the power of digital ad platforms to create brand awareness; how to create a lead generating ad campaign and generate consistent leads through a repeatable advertising strategy; and understand the secrets to running effective Facebook and Instagram ads.

“Whether you’re a small-town business or a big corporation, social media plays a huge role in keeping your business relevant in today’s digital age,” said Beiler.  “My session will teach attendees how to take their businesses to the next level.” 

Also new to METALCON this year is Ryan Groth, founder of Sales Transformation Group, Inc.  Groth is an entrepreneur who first became involved in the contracting business with his family as a teen.  Today, he helps contractors transition from living in an unpredictable world to creating high-performing sales organizations, which make revenue predictable by building sales models through evaluations, online learning, leveraged group coaching and live events.

Groth is presenting Predictable Revenue: 5 Steps to Getting off the Revenue Rollercoaster in the PPG Theater on Thursday, Oct. 17, from 1:00-1:45 p.m.  In this session, Groth will address: why not having predictability is a problem; what the root causes of unpredictability are; and the five steps to get your business to predictability.

“We are excited to have these three power houses join us in Pittsburgh this year for what promises to be a great show,” says Claire Kilcoyne, METALCON Show Director.  “We have a solid line-up of educational sessions featuring industry-related topics and overall A/E/C business advice.”

METALCON takes place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, 1000 Ft. Duquesne Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15222.  For more information on this three-day event, visit www.metalcon.com