Indiana Limestone Company announced the launch of its LiteCore panel system. The new system provides the timeless look of natural stone in a lightweight, modular panelized system that combines high performance, design flexibility and labor-savings.   

LiteCore panels are available in a variety of natural stones including limestone, granite, or marble. The natural stone veneer is adhered to a high-performing aluminum honeycomb backing and fiberglass mesh that results in a 1-inch panel that weighs 80 percent less than solid dimensional stone panels, while boasting 60 times more impact resistance. Additionally, the predesigned panels are available in standard-sized units, do not require mortar or complex design layouts, and install easily.

Duffe Elkins, VP of Operations for ILCO, says the LiteCore panel system is a natural progression in product innovation to meet the unique challenges of modern construction.

“Our LiteCore system truly allows construction teams to have the best of several worlds with high design flexibility and labor-saving installation combined with the classic aesthetics and resiliency of the highest quality natural stone,” said Elkins. “Additionally, the system can stand extreme freeze-thaw cycles and has the ability to serve as a rainscreen for added performance that allows building designers to address concerns around moisture management.”

LiteCore panels system comes standard with installation hardware that allow the panels to be securely attached to the building substrate for fast and easy installation.

In late 2018, ILCO became part of Polycor Inc., the largest natural stone quarrier in the world. The group owns over 50 quarries and 17 manufacturing plants across North America and Europe.

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