SECTION 1803.6

Where geotechnical investigations are required, a written report of the investigations shall be submitted to the building official by the permit applicant at the time of permit application. This geotechnical report shall include, but need not be limited to, the following information:
1.    A plot showing the location of the soil investigations.
2.    A  complete record of the soil boring and penetration test logs and soil samples
3.    A record of the soil profile.
4.    Elevation of the water table, if encountered.
5.    Recommendations for foundation type and design criteria, including but not limited to: bearing capacity of natural or compacted soil; provisions to mitigate the effects of expansive sols; mitigation of the effects of liquefaction, differential settlement and varying soil strength; and the effects of adjacent loads.
6.    Expected total and differential settlement.
7.    Deep foundation information in accordance with Section 1803.5.5.
8.    Special design and construction provisions for foundations of structures founded on expansive soils, as necessary.
9.    Compacted fill material properties and testing in accordance with Section 1803.5.8.
10.    Controlled low-strength material properties and testing in accordance with Section 1803.5.9.