CRICKET: A relatively small area of a roof constructed purposefully, with compound slope, to divert water from a horizontal intersection of the roof with a rising vertical element such as a chimney, wall, expansion joint or other projection.

DRAINING ROOF EDGE: A perimeter condition utilizing embedded sheet metal flashing to direct water over the roof edge.

EQUIPMENT SUPPORT: A raised support, often set parallel to the drainage plane, covered with a waterproof membrane and flashed with sheet metal.

EQUIPMENT SUPPORT CURB: A raised member or framed box used to support equipment, such as skylights, HVAC mechanical equipment, roof hatches, etc. above the elevation of the roof surface.

EXPANSION JOINT FLASHING: Flashing covering a structural separation between two building sections, or changes in roof deck direction, that is designed to allow free movement between the sections without damage to the roofing or waterproofing system.

FIELD OF ROOF: The central or main portion of a roof, excluding the perimeter and flashings.

GRAVEL STOP PERIMETER: Sheet metal flashing with a slightly raised outboard lip or edge; historically intended to halt rolling pea-gravel or aggregate during application of the roof surfacing.

GUTTER: A channeled component installed along the downslope perimeter of a roof to convey runoff water from the roof to the drain leaders or downspouts.

HIGH PARAPET: Typically a parapet greater than 24 inches above the roof surface.

LOW PARAPET: Typically a parapet 24 inches or less above the roof surface.

PIPE SUPPORTS: A device used to elevate gas pipes, electrical conduit, ductwork, etc. above the drainage plane of the roof.

PITCH PAN: A flanged enclosure made of sheet metal or other material, placed around a penetration through the roof, filled with grout and bituminous or polymeric sealant(s) to seal the location around the penetration.

PLUMBING SOIL PIPE STACK: A sanitation pipe that penetrates the roof, used to vent plumbing fixture(s).

RAISED ROOF EDGE: A perimeter condition utilizing sheet metal cover flashing over a raised roof membrane termination.

SCUPPER: A fabricated sheet metal component, without membrane clamping rings, that directs drainage from a roof.

SHEET METAL SADDLE FLASHING: A flanged sheet metal coping, cap flashing, or similar fabrication designed for terminating flashing that abuts a rising building wall.

SKYLIGHT: A roof accessory, set over an opening in the roof, designed to admit light to an interior space, which is normally translucent, sometimes transparent, and mounted on a raised framed curb.