Approaching its 50th year in practice, the national architecture and interior design firm, Dyer Brown, has announced the completion of a major transition of ownership and new roles for its three principals Brent Zeigler, Rachel Woodhouse, and Tara Martin. This much-anticipated transition caps the recent evolution of Dyer Brown, beginning in 2016 when one of its longtime owners, Roger Shepley, AIA, announced he would be stepping back from day-to-day operations of the acclaimed design and services firm.

As of 2018, taking over as owners are Dyer Brown’s leaders Brent Zeigler, AIA, IIDA, president and Director of Design; Rachel Woodhouse, NCIDQ, LEED AP, Director of Operations; and Tara Martin, Director of Client Services. The three assumed their current firm leadership roles more than two years ago, and in the intervening time they have expanded the firm’s footprint, implemented several major initiatives, and added new staff to bring Dyer
Brown to over 50 professionals. Through its offices and several functional divisions, Dyer Brown now offers its services nationwide to the hospitality, workplace, academic, and retail sectors.

“We are honored to have this opportunity to lead our talented project teams and talented teams and build on the valuable legacy and design achievements of Dyer Brown,” says the firm’s president Zeigler. “As we build on our expanding markets and begin more projects in a few new sectors, we’ll continue to take on exciting new challenges and develop lasting partnerships even as we remain mindful of our firm’s legacy of distinct capabilities, which began here in 1969.”

Over the decades and in recent years, Dyer Brown has become synonymous with innovative architecture and commercial interior design as well as specialized services for building owners and corporate and institutional end-users. Dyer Brown has built a significant portfolio of clients -- including major global brands and well-regarded sector leaders -- with scores of award-winning, high-performance building projects chiefly in the hospitality, workplace, academic, and retail sectors.

“The Dyer Brown legacy is about more than creating building and interior environments,” says Rachel Woodhouse, the operations leader. “Our team is focused on translating each client’s goals and mission into an experience, positively impacting each occupant and visitor. As we assume leadership and ownership of the firm, we remain mindful of the firm’s ongoing achievements in realizing each client’s vision.”

The firm’s multifaceted professional staff of architects and interior designers also includes experts in real estate, 3D visualization, graphic design and facilities consulting. This strategic and multidisciplinary diversification will continue and accelerate, according to the three directors. Dyer Brown is best known for its on-call service arrangements for large client groups, under the banners of Asset Design + Support for real estate owners and management companies and called Corporate Services for major employers with large facility portfolios who prefer the mix of long-term planning and strategic design.

Tara Martin adds, “Dyer Brown’s history and reputation are the foundation for what we hope to build next.”

With its growing national presence and specialized offerings, Dyer Brown recently expanded by opening a regional office in the Southeast. Since launching last year, the new office has added to the firm’s significant roster of projects and clients, both in the region and nationwide. Last month, Dyer Brown announced the completion of a new workplace project in the Atlanta area -- a 27,000-square-foot headquarters and operations center in From left: Martin, Zeigler, and Woodhouse with previous Dyer Brown owner-stakeholder Roger Shepley Alpharetta, Ga., for Renew Financial, a company that provides homeowners with innovative financing solutions for energy and safety upgrades.

Commenting on the latest news from Dyer Brown, the previous owner-stakeholder Roger Shepley, who led the firm for 13 of his 34 years with the firm, says, “A company has to move forward to keep building a record of success. With the vision and talents brought by Rachel, Tara and Brent, Dyer Brown will continue its robust design leadership and skills in client development and management.”

Shepley added, “The good news is that they’re exactly the leaders that Dyer Brown needs in their growing and always competitive national markets.”