Henry Company introduced Tropi-Cool Stop Leak 100 percent Silicone Spray Sealer – the first and only permanent silicone aerosol spray sealer. Unlike solvent-based rubber sprays, the 100 percent silicone technology of Henry Tropi-Cool Stop Leak creates a permanent leak-proof seal that is backed by a lifetime limited warranty. The product is available in white, black and clear.

Henry Tropi-Cool Stop Leak is ideal for application on a variety of surfaces, including gutters, skylights, flashing, roofs, RVs, campers, windowsills, foundations, boats, metal, cars, concrete, glass and more. It can withstand rain within only 15 minutes after application, and provides an extremely strong bond to virtually any surface. Once applied, Henry Tropi-Cool Stop Leak cures fully in just eight hours – a fraction of the time that it takes solvent-based rubber sprays to cure.

“As a leading provider of silicone roofing systems for commercial applications, Henry has helped professional contractors keep buildings leak-free for more than 80 years,” said John Dobson, Senior Vice President, Product Management, R&D and Quality, Henry Company. “Now, we’re putting the power of silicone in the hands of consumers for a variety of projects around the home, on the RV and more, for guaranteed, professional-grade results that cannot be achieved with any other solution.”

Henry Tropi-Cool Stop Leak is easy to apply by simply shaking, spraying and letting it cure. Once you begin spraying, the can of Henry Tropi-Cool Stop Leak can be used for up to eight hours – plenty of time to repair a range of leaks. For detailed application instructions, view the Henry Tropi-Cool Stop Leak video at www.henry.com/stopleak.