SONEX Linear Custom Baffles from pinta acoustic add striking color in the downtown Minneapolis showroom and WORKLAB at Atmosphere Commercial Interiors.

Design is a focus in the newly renovated Atmosphere office, which serves as a world-class showroom and flexible workspace for employees. Custom HPC-coated SONEX Linear Baffles reflect the carpet runner and complement the draperies with the added benefit of acoustic control.

In 2017, Atmosphere began a full renovation of two floors in the historic Young Quinlan building. The renovation included a 30,000-square foot WORKLAB and office furniture showroom that highlights the newest products, finishing and work environment.

Incorporating residential and commercial features, the WORKLAB offers a balance between collaborative and individual spaces. To mirror the color of the carpet runner on the ceiling, the design team initially considered fabric-wrapped baffles.

More affordable, SONEX Linear was a superior choice because it could be custom coated to match Atmosphere’s corporate aquamarine color.

“It’s vital for us to maintain an updated look. The architect’s design exposed the original terrazzo floor and opened up the front entrance with glass,” says Susan Jakusz, operations manager at Atmosphere. “Thedesign is ideal for the WORKLAB, which is also a beta workspace partnership between Steelcase and Microsoft. It combines technology and a unique creative work environment where many employees do not have designated desks and choose where they work.”

The office is equipped with sensors to provide valuable insight into how the space is being used. Large monitors display available work areas. In addition to offering a streamlined appearance, SONEX Linear Baffles absorb unwanted sound reflecting off glass, gypsum, terrazzo floors and other hard surfaces.

SONEX Linear provides a streamlined appearance and highly customizable options including sizes, profiles and colors. Made from pinta acoustic’s Class 1 fire-rated willtec foam, the baffles are available in lengths up to 96 inches (2438 mm) with depths from 6 to 24 inches. SONEX Linear Baffles are easy to install using channel trim and acoustic adhesive.

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