The founders of Bork Design, Inc. and Hall Smith Office, two award-winning and long-standing architecture firms in Georgia, have combined their expertise and created Architectural Collaborative LLC, branded as Arcollab. Principals Lori Bork Newcomer, Joseph Smith, and Gabriel Comstock will lead the new firm, located in Athens, Georgia.

Arcollab is a multi-disciplinary firm, with practice areas including all types of new construction, sustainable design, historic preservation, existing building conditions evaluation, master planning, and preservation planning.

“Arcollab specializes in the integration of thoughtful modern design into existing urban and neighborhood fabric. Our projects range from custom homes to large-scale commercial design and project management,” said Comstock. “The combination of technical expertise in construction detailing, graphics, and documentation, together with inspirational creativity and our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs, sets Arcollab apart,” added Newcomer.

“We believe that sustainability is at the core of good design,” said Comstock. Newcomer agreed, noting “we strive to create inspired spaces and structures that are strongly rooted in their sense of place and grow from their surrounding natural and built environment. A return to thoughtful regional design is one of the best ways to address both environmental concerns and the proliferation of ubiquitous architecture.”

Newcomer and Comstock are LEED Accredited Professionals, and have completed projects certified under LEED for Homes, the Southeast’s regional Earthcraft Program through Southface Energy Institute, and Energy Star.

The Arcollab leadership team brings more than 55 years of combined professional experience. “We are fluent in the architectural detailing of styles ranging from the historic and neo-traditional to cutting-edge modern design,” said Smith. “From the overall massing of building forms to the careful assembly of construction details, we combine a strong understanding of construction systems, attention to clients’ needs and budget, and an artistic sensibility,” he added.

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