Defender Technologies LLC introduced a revolutionary and patented building system called PermaStrong.  The PermaStrong building system utilizes pre-fabricated fiber cement wall forms, rebar and concrete fill assembly, which provides numerous advantages for residential and commercial buildings including superior structural strength, faster construction, and reduced labor costs.  PermaStrong structures can withstand winds as high as 200 mph, minimizing damage from hurricanes and tornados.  According to a major trade publication, although 70 percent of the world lives in concrete structures, that number is only 15 percent in the U.S.  

PermaStrong wall forms are assembled off-site and then transported to the work-site where they are positioned and locked in place with rebar.  Once in position, the wall forms are then filled with a concrete or cement mix.  The wall section remains with the dried concrete for the life of the building, unlike other wall forms that need to be removed from the concrete after it dries.  Because the PermaStrong building system is more rigid than wood frame and steel frame structures it also enhances roof attachment strength.  PermaStrong structures are also resistant to fire, water and earthquakes.  They can also withstand light ballistics, providing protection from objects being hurled at  buildings from high winds or a tornado.

“We believe PermaStrong is a superior alternative to traditional building structures that have either been damaged extensively and failed to withstand the tremendous destruction caused by Hurricanes Sandy, Harvey and Irma,” said Paul Cheek, spokesperson and consultant for Defender Technologies, LLC.  “We not only see this system being used in the construction of new buildings, but also the rebuilding of homes, schools, commercial space and office buildings.  We also anticipate that use of the PermaStrong building system in residential and commercial construction will lower insurance premiums for property owners.”   

Defender Technologies is actively working with leading commercial and residential construction companies to bring the PermaStrong building system to market.  If you would like more information about the PermaStrong building system, visit