CONSTRUCT is committed to helping Young Professionals advance in their careers and develop an active and dynamic voice in the industry by providing networking, professional development and mentorship opportunities designed specifically for professionals 35 and under.  This goal is the basis for the partnership between CONSTRUCT and is a website dedicated to helping Architecture Students, ARE Candidates and Emerging Design Professionals be more successful.  It was the brainchild of owner/founder, Michael Riscica, a Licensed Architect from Oregon.  Mr. Riscica shares, “The inspiration for the site came after I became a Licensed Architect.  There was a lack of support and guidance when navigating the years from graduating architecture school, until obtaining the license.  During that time, I watched most of my peers flounder and many of them never became licensed or never found their way within the profession. The Profession of Architecture could be doing more to support the future generations of Architects. is my response and contribution to be part of the solution.”

CONSTRUCT 2017, held September 13-15th at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI, features a variety of options for young professionals who are looking to learn more about the industry, network, and have fun with their peers.  Discounted young professional registration packages vary from exhibit hall only to full education for those who really want to immerse themselves in the experience.  The most popular program, Young Professionals Day, returns to CONSTRUCT for its third year.  The program includes education, mentorship and fun.  All content for the day is prepared specifically for the young professional and includes networking tips, a speed mentoring activity, an innovative problem-solving luncheon and greater connection with peers and industry leaders.

Michael Riscica shared his thoughts about CONSTRUCT.   “What I love about CONSTRUCT is how it’s multi-disciplinary.”  “I attend a lot of conferences. Many of them are Architecture conferences, with lots of Architects and no Contractors, Engineers or Product Manufactures are anywhere to be found.  A recurring theme I notice is the need for all the disciplines to work better together and have a collaborative dialogue to deliver better projects.  CONSTRUCT creates an amazing environment for all the disciplines and trades to come together and learn from each other.”

Michael Riscica is also presenting Preparing for the Architecture Registration Exam 5.0 at CONSTRUCT.  This is a can’t miss session for anyone who is preparing for their first ARE exam, and is an included session, if you register for Young Professionals Day or the Young Professionals Full Education Package.

To learn more about the activities available for young professionals or to register, visit or call 866.475.6707.

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