JEC Group, the leading Composites organization in the world, launches an event entirely dedicated to the current and future developments of Composites Materials in Building & Construction, showcasing Innovations that have been changing the way end-users, such as architects or designers, construct buildings and infrastructures.

“We are increasingly concerned with the challenges that the Construction Industry faces. The Civil Society have growing demands in terms of aesthetic and functionality, whereas the common concerns of sustainability, durability, recyclability or again safety are leading to rethink the way we build today. Composites Materials have all the necessary properties to answer these needs”, says Ms Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President & CEO.
6 Conferences – 28 International Speakers
Over the 3 days, renowned speakers from America, Europe, Asia and Africa will present the trends and development in the Building & Construction Industry. Various topics will be addressed, such as Construction: A Segment Filled with Possibilities, Durability of Composite Materials in Construction, Ensuring Safety While Maintaining Performance in Buildings and Infrastructure, Composites as a Worthy Alternative to Traditional Materials in Buildings and Infrastructure, Developing Building Codes and Guidelines: Is Standardization an Attainable Goal? Or again a conference jointly organized with TechTextil North America: Connecting Technical Textiles and Composite Materials in the Building and Construction Fields.

The event is excited to propose the keynote speech of Mr. Mark Goulthorpe, Architect and Professor of the MIT Department of Architecture and Head of the new Design Stream in the SMArchS program.
Networking Opportunities and Innovation Discoveries
On the Show floor, exhibitors from around the world will propose their many solutions to overcome the challenges facing the Construction, Building and Infrastructure Industry. Also, attendees can take part in the Architectural Composites Tour organized in partnership with the Illinois Institute of Technology to visit 4 composite buildings in the campus.

JEC Group will also present its newest publication: THE Book “The future of building: The growing use of composites in construction and architecture”.

The Future of Composites in Construction will also be the stage of the 2017 JEC Innovation Awards dedicated to Building and Construction, celebrating the 6 winners in this category.
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