Dow Building Solutions (DBS), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, announced the launch of FROTH-PAK ULTRA, the first code approved low-pressure foam material on the market today. Committed to bringing innovative solutions to its customers, Dow has partnered with a single-source equipment provider, Titan, to develop the Helix LP, a custom piece of equipment specifically designed to spray the FROTH-PAK ULTRA formulation.

The HELIX LP’s unique patent-pending design automatically regulates pressure and ratio to ensure a consistent, high-quality spray output. Specifically designed to spray a low-pressure formulation, the HELIX LP enriches contractors with enhanced quality and productivity while providing unmatched safety that a low-pressure system can offer.

“Paired with the Helix LP pump, FROTH-PAK ULTRA allows customers to take on jobs that they simply couldn’t before,” states Joe Barrow, Dow National Account Manager. “In collaborating with Titan, our goals were aligned and straightforward—provide our customers with a new, easy-to-use solution that has the potential to improve their bottom line. The renowned quality of Titan’s products, paired with Dow’s expertise in novel building solutions, fueled this dual effort to provide our customers with the most advanced, easy-to-use, low-pressure foam delivery system out there.”  

Dow provides several FROTH-PAK brand spray foams for insulation and air sealing applications, but until today these were delivered in returnable cylinders as a high-pressure insulation and sealant kits. Now, FROTH-PAK ULTRA is delivered in low-pressure disposable drums, saving customers time and money throughout the building process. With no length or width restrictions, FROTH-PAK ULTRA is the only low-pressure foam that can be applied up to 8 inches thick in rim joists and 10 inches thick in uninhabitable attics and ventilated crawl spaces, without an ignition barrier. While the high-pressure drum system requires 24 hours prior to re-entry, the low-pressure system simply calls for one hour before re-entry, when proper ventilation is utilized.

The FROTH-PAK ULTRA Premium Foam Insulation System from Dow is also code-approved for more applications, providing customers with the capability to broaden their scope of work. The refill system is more affordable with less upfront capital investment than is required for drum foam.

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