A new podcast series aimed at providing architects and design professionals a building science insight into the use of spray foam insulation has been released by leading spray foam insulation manufacturer, Icynene.

Together with trusted building science experts, the six-part podcast series – Icynene Building Genius Podcast – explores ideas and advancements in the building industry. The podcast series covers an array of topics including moisture management in commercial design, unique commercial projects featuring closed cell spray foam insulation, continuous insulation applications, the future of spray foam as well as spray foam myths and misconceptions.

Each topic is addressed from a practical point of view to help architects and design professionals realize their project’s full potential. The first episode focuses on moisture management in commercial design, the issues that can occur, and how to solve them properly for long-term performance.

“The new Icynene Building Genius Podcast allows design professionals to hear directly from engineering experts about how to best approach some of the common, complex and new issues that they are facing today. With more states across the U.S introducing the new, stringent 2015 building code and changes in the way that buildings are constructed, we hope to provide architects and design professionals another avenue to learn from our industry experts,” said Betsy Cosper, Vice President Marketing for Icynene.

New podcast episodes will be released every two weeks via Icynene’s website, social media channels as well as audio platforms, iTunes and Soundcloud. The first podcast can be found at http://www.icynene.com/en-us/architects/resources/building-genius-podcasts.