Grace Construction Products, a leader in commercial and residential building materials, has developed the latest advancement in residential weather resistive barriers that offers premium protection to a home’s structural integrity, peace of mind during installation, and superior energy efficiency.

Grace Construction Products, a division of W. R. Grace & Co, has introduced Vycor enV-S self-adhered weather resistive barrier that provides an advanced alternative to house wraps. It is a highly durable membrane that directly adheres to the sheathing, avoiding the tears and costly reworks commonly associated with traditional house wraps. The wall is protected from water damage and the job site looks neat, sealed, and attractive during construction.

As homebuilders seek to promote the energy efficiency of the homes they build, the weather resistive barrier represents the latest in residential building science to create an air-tight, yet breathable home.

While it does not require mechanical fasteners for its installation, the product membrane forms a water- and air-tight seal around the fasteners used to install siding and exterior finishing materials, thus avoiding the numerous leak points typical for traditional house wraps. 

Importantly, this advanced weather barrier adheres to itself, improving protection at the laps, which are vulnerable points for air and water leaks. It does not require taping of seams or other special joint treatment. As a result, it helps ensure peace of mind to homebuilders both during and after installation, helps reduce costly callbacks, and helps provide labor savings.

Sonya Santos, director of marketing for residential building materials, said, “We know that construction professionals today are faced with new challenges, including demand for higher energy efficiency, more stringent air leakage requirements, concerns about home durability and the rising cost of installation. Our new product addresses each of these areas, helping homebuilders provide the kind of premium weather protection and structural integrity that homeowners expect and demand.”

The well-respected Oak Ridge National Lab tested and evaluated the annual savings potential of the product membrane compared to traditional house wrap. Its weather resistive barrier boasts an air leakage rate seven times lower than the leading house wrap brand. The Oak Ridge Lab also found that using this new and advanced membrane can provide significant energy savings for homeowners in all regions of the United States. As an example, in the northernmost-area of the U.S., the savings were estimated at $669 annually (or 56.2 percent energy savings) for a typical home with Vycor enV-S, compared to one with traditional house wrap.

The enhanced energy efficiency, improved installation process, and long-term weather protection of Grace’s weather resistive barrier make it the product of choice for quality homebuilding professionals. Right now, for a limited time, Grace is offering a rebate of up to $750 to builders in the U.S., who purchase this product for the first time. For more information, go to