SKA celebrated National Engineer’s Week last week in a big way by partnering with Hunter Elementary to create its inaugural science club—KIDSTEIN.

Targeted to African American males in Grades 4 and 5, the science club’s goals are to encourage interest and future career pursuits in science-related fields, develop various skill sets such as research, journaling, presenting, writing, and problem-solving, as well as encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Hunter students will interview and hand-select SKA engineers and professionals as their mentor, selecting one who best complements their own interests.

Held each Thursday from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. on-site at Hunter Elementary, SKA mentors will give brief lessons and engage students in hands-on experiments and projects. Each student will have the option of participating in the end-of-the-year science fair, demonstrating their creativity over the course of 10 weeks. SKA mentors and Hunter teachers will serve as jurors, recognizing each student’s achievements.

The week will kick off with Susan Webb, P.E. SKA structural project engineer. She will be speaking with 4th and 5th grade female students in celebration of Discover Girl Day, which was held Thursday, February 26, 2015. Susan’s message will enlighten the girls about what it means to be a female working in the engineering industry and how her passion for science was built.

“SKA is proud of our continued partnership with Hunter Elementary,” said C. Brad Ehrhardt, P.E. president. “Through the efforts of our talented employees, we will work side-by-side Hunter students and encourage a passion for science and STEM professions.”

Opportunities for corporate, community, and parent involvement are available throughout the program, including serving as guest speakers, scientists and sponsoring special projects.

SKA and Hunter Elementary’s partnership has been active for nearly 10 years. Ongoing partnership activities include donating food, clothing, and supplies, sponsoring students and families, and establishing lunch buddy relationships. Last December, SKA partnered with the school for Hunter’s inaugural Home Sweet Home project, which engaged nearly 90 ACES and other students in quest to create Greensboro’s largest gingerbread village.