POULTNEY, Vt. — The National Slate Association has launched a new Mobile Field Guide based on its award-winning publication, Slate Roofs: Design and Installation Manual.

The Mobile Field Guide focuses on the critical detailing needed to successfully install, repair and replace natural slate roofs and includes easy-to-read drawings of key roofing and flashing details that can be exploded (taken apart) and put back together again by simply sliding a finger along the slide bar at the bottom of the page. In this way, the user can construct each detail step by step. A brief set of explanatory notes and a cross reference back to the manual are provided for each detail. The new guide was developed to assist contractors, design professionals and building owners on the rooftop. It is available free of charge via internet browser, smartphone or tablet wherever Wi-Fi is available. To access the Mobile Field Guide, visit mobile.slateassociation.org.

 For more information, visit www.slateassociation.org.