EAST LANSING, Mich. — The classroom has moved outdoors. Advanced Green Architecture (AGA) was born out of Michigan State University’s GreenMSU green roof Roof Research Program and now has teamed up with the university to install the latest green roof on campus — one that will be viewable to many and with educational opportunities connected. 

This fall, AGA will install its Advanced Green Roof system on a bus shelter near the MSU Student Union — one of the busiest pedestrian areas on campus. The green roof will serve as a public demonstration project, viewable to pedestrians and motorists, with the goal of raising public awareness about the many benefits of green roofs. Green roofs aid in storm water management, energy conservation, reduction of urban heat islands and increased habitat space.  

“We wanted to do a project on campus that would be seen by as many people as possible and teach them something about green roofs,” said Erik Cronk, co-founder of AGA.

To accomplish that, the bus shelter will not only house the green roof but will also have QR codes that can be scanned with smart phones — linking to green roof information.

AGA collaborated with faculty from the MSU Green Roof Research Program, students from the Landscape Architecture program, Brasco International (the bus shelter manufacturer) and the Capital Area Transit Authority (CATA) that operates the bus service on campus to design and retrofit the green roof.

Brasco International will replace an old, barrel-style roof with a low-sloped roof to hold the additional weight of the green roof and be visible from the ground. The low/no-maintenance designed roof will be maintained by the MSU Green Roof Team, with assistance from students and with direction from AGA.

 For more information, visit www.agrgreen.com/?p=2169