MBCI premiered its latest addition to their product line, MasterLine 16, a metal wall panel with concealed fasteners. The new panel’s strong, monotonous design provides an interesting shadow line and its width covers 16 inches, making “MasterLine 16” an ideal name.

MasterLine 16 is primarily installed horizontally, but it can also be used in vertical applications. Standardly produced with a 24 gauge, MasterLine 16 is also available in 22, 20, and 18 gauges. It is available with factory applied mastic in the side laps, providing superior air and water infiltration resistance. MasterLine16 can be installed over a variety of substructures, including continuous insulation and subgirts.

It comes in both a smooth and embossed finish and is available in a variety of coatings. For more information about MasterLine 16, visit www.mbci.com/masterline16.

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