It’s February. Did your new year’s resolution stick?Publisherb

There are common threads to our resolutions: losing weight, stopping smoking, saving money. They might be well-intentioned, but research shows most don’t stick after two weeks.

Why can’t we just stick with them? My opinion is we quickly get back into our busy grind and life goes into autopilot. I know in our deadline-driven office, we hit the new year running. We are already behind because of the holidays and our additional projects for the IRE show are in full production. I’m sure many of you are in similar positions. To take the edge off we work ahead as much as we can in December. We’ve learned not to push the deadlines and try to limit the number of last-minute complications because we know something unexpected will inevitably come up.

Each year, you are challenged with completing 18 continuing education units.

Our research show webinars have become the most popular way to achieve continuing education credits. And it is no surprise — they’re easy! You can attend the live webinar or view it on demand, right from your computer.

The ARW webinar series currently has more than 13 webinars available to you. That’s 13 of the 18 continuing education credits you need to complete this year and they are available for free. Topics include sustainability, low-slope design and waterproofing. Check out the entire list at


Upcoming webinars include:

• Feb. 21: The Energy Savings Value of High-Performance Toplighting

• March 20: The Four Barriers of the Building Envelope

• April 17: Waterproofing Codes


If you to attend our live events each month, view an archived webinar each month, and pass the quizzes, you’ll have all your credits done well before December.

What a relief that would be!


 Elizabeth Obloy