Mean Green

Well, it’s official. The “green” concept is everywhere. From household cleaners to cars, appliances to water bottles. There’s no denying it. But it’s fundamentally good and that’s a great thing. Of course, the craze wasted no time breaking into the world of building products.

It gets tricky, though. I find myself walking through the store looking at items I’ve faithfully bought for years now proclaiming their “greenness.” This leaves me wondering why … has the formula changed, or has this product always been green? Or is this just the latest and greatest in marketing fanfare? Many times, it’s up to the consumer to decide.

As far as roofing and waterproofing products go, green is measurable by three main characteristics: environmental burden, thermal efficiency and life span. These characteristics define the ecological footprint of any job and should be considered when specifying materials. And, remember, more expensive does not always mean better.

As our day-to-day lives settle into different shades of green, don’t be afraid to look for proof that the products we use are what they say. Do the math if necessary. It’s time to make sure that when products say green, they mean it.

All the best,

Rob Krauss
Publisher, ARW Magazine