Poor Phil, he was all nestled in his little hole, which was probably buried under three feet of snow, and here come all these people to shine a light on him early on a Sunday morning. He looked around and said, “Do you people really think this winter is almost over?” and then he went back to sleep.

Another six weeks of winter — as opposed to six more weeks until spring — sounds brutal this year. No matter where you are in the country, it has been a long and cold winter. The Midwest and East have also faced a significant amount of snow.

I do not know when it will end. No predictions on the weather here.

But there is one prediction that I feel certain making. The extreme temperatures and excessive snow will create havoc for roof systems — particularly older bitumen-based systems. This spring, when building owners peek their heads out of the roof hatches, they won’t see their shadows but they might see roof deficiencies.

Building owners, contractors and designers should be prepared because spring showers may be on the inside of the building this year.