GAF and Climate Resolve, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit dedicated to climate resilience, announced the results of a peer-reviewed study by Altostratus Inc. examining the effects of cool pavements in mitigating urban heat. 

The study, which was conducted in the Pacoima neighborhood of Los Angeles as part of the GAF Cool Community Project, revealed reductions of ambient air temperatures by as much as 3.5°F during extreme heat events and a 25-50% reduction in the local census-tract urban heat island effect during temperature peaks. 

The results reinforce the efficacy of cool pavement technology as one strategy to help cities tackle extreme heat, particularly in communities like Pacoima, one of the hottest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, that have been underinvested in when it comes to climate solutions.

Jeff Terry, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability at GAF, joined Building Enclosure to chat about this study and some of its biggest takeaways.