Rmax ECOMAXci® FR Air Barrier has glass fiber reinforced aluminum foil facers on both sides - offering enhanced durability, dimensional stability and fire performance. ECOMAXci® FR Air Barrier allows for optimum efficiency through multiple design options, ease of construction, a better building envelope and reduced energy usage.

Sustainable Impact:

Polyiso significantly reduces fossil fuel consumption, equivalent to planting 3.4 million trees for every 10% reduction in energy usage across 9 billion square feet of roofing area represented by BOMA. Additionally, it boasts the highest thermal efficiency, uses blowing agents with zero ozone depletion and global warming potential, and incorporates recycled materials.    

Higher R-Value:

Rmax Polyiso offers a higher R-value per inch, compared to mineral wool, allowing cladding to be secured closer to structural studs, thereby eliminating the need for expensive cladding attachment systems.    

Water and Vapor Resistance:

Unlike mineral wool, Polyiso is unaffected by exposure to water and vapor, ensuring long-term performance and stability.    

Faster Installation

Polyiso enables faster installation methods and can eliminate the need for secondary air barriers, resulting in lower labor costs and overall project expenses.

NFPA 285 Compliance

Rmax Polyiso assemblies meet NFPA 285 requirements for all common claddings in today's construction, providing peace of mind regarding fire safety regulations.    

Immediate Availability

With Rmax Polyiso, there's no waiting for material availability. It's readily accessible to meet project timelines.