Following two years of investment, transformation and growth, Covanta, which has been known as a leading waste-to-energy provider, announced the next milestone in its strategic evolution as a pioneering sustainable waste solutions company with its new identity: Reworld™. 

Reworld™ has transformed itself into a multifaceted entity, expanding its geographic footprint, showcasing unparalleled innovative solutions for waste management, and adopting a fully regionalized approach focused on enhancing the customer experience. This showcases a future where modern waste management significantly contributes to a smarter, more sustainable world. Punctuated by an expanded suite of products designed to help companies and municipalities navigate complex waste challenges, this change marks a significant breakthrough in the company's journey to become a leader in sustainable waste solutions. 

“Our transformation into Reworld™ is an authentic declaration of the impactful strides we have made in sustainability and a commitment to reimagine the future of waste management. For example, Reworld™’s net GHG benefits are equivalent to half of the entire installed utility-scale solar capacity in the U.S.,” said Azeez Mohammed, President and CEO, Reworld™. “As Reworld™, we are poised to create a more sustainable world for our customers, communities, and the planet; our efforts mark the start of an exciting journey towards comprehensive, carbon-negative solutions. We are not just a solution, but the solution to the world’s waste crisis."

Rooted in a profound understanding of market dynamics, customer experiences, and the global imperative for sustainability, the genesis of Reworld™ has been charted by an impressive series of investment and acquisitions exceeding one billion dollars in infrastructure enhancements. Reworld™ heralds a wide array of best-in-class carbon-negative waste solutions that can reliably address a wide variety of customers’ Net Zero goals.

Alongside Reworld™'s debut comes the introduction of groundbreaking solutions, with the focus on ReDirect360 (Zero Waste-to-Landfill), ReDrop (Wastewater Treatment), ReKiln (Alternative Fuel Engineering), ReMove (Transportation and Logistics), and ReCredit (Sustainable Carbon Offsets). These cutting-edge solutions empower customers to swiftly exceed their sustainability objectives by minimizing carbon footprints, preserving resources, and trailblazing new revenue streams.

"With this strategic evolution, we aim to redefine partnerships in waste management, focusing on converting waste into valuable resources through advanced technological applications. The reimagining of our company underscores Reworld™'s dedication to innovation, excellence in customer service, and a collective vision for enabling the reduction, efficient reuse, recycling, and recovery of diverse waste streams,” added Mohammed. 

Reworld™ remains steadfast in its commitment to quality service continuity, bolstered by around-the-clock account management, service, and support. The forthcoming launch of a new customer portal promises to streamline operations, making interactions with Reworld seamless and more efficient. 

For more information about Reworld™ and its services please call toll-free at 1-800 950-8749 for assistance.