AEP Span, a leading architectural metal roofing & siding manufacturer, has expanded its portfolio to include On-Site Roll Former capabilities. This mobile solution brings the metal roofing manufacturing process directly to a job site, enabling the continuous fabrication of Span-Lok™ hp metal roofing for long-length panel applications.

The Span-Lok hp profile available for on-site roll forming is a 16” wide, performance-rated, architectural standing seam roof panel. The mechanically seamed panel is favored by designers, contractors, and building owners for its 2” high bold rib aesthetic, independently tested weathertight design, and variety of PVDF colors in 22 and 24-gauge.

AEP Span's On-Site Roll Former is supported by a factory-certified team, ensuring excellent quality control and efficient material management. The roll former's design maximizes product consistency and uptime to produce a quality product equivalent to a factory-manufactured panel. This capability, which includes factory applied sealant at the construction site guarantees Span-Lok hp metal roofing continues to meet or exceed accredited third-party verified testing.

Manufacturing panels of varying lengths enables the entire roofing installation to be consistently produced in a single batch. This proves to be a great solution for roofs requiring panel lengths over 45’, where direct shipping from the manufacturing facility is impractical. The extended panel lengths contribute to the aesthetic appeal while significantly reducing the long-term weatherproofing risks associated with panel lapping.

The expansion of AEP Span’s portfolio to include on-site roll forming increases the application of high-performance metal roofing in modern building design. The independently tested and proven Span-Lok hp profile, coupled with AEP Span’s unrivaled product support, presents installers with a superior weathertight roofing solution for large roofing areas.

"We’re thrilled to introduce our on-site roll former to the market and be able to provide more competitive capabilities and resources to our customers," said Beth Lindberg, Sales Manager of AEP Span. "Our mobile roll former for Span-Lok is not just about offering a metal roofing product, but rather, a solution and resource to our customers that enhance efficiency and quality during a long-length metal roofing project.”

For more information about AEP Span’s on-site solution for long-length metal roofing panels and a list of requirements, please visit AEP Span’s product page online at