Polyglass U.S.A., Inc., known for pushing the boundaries of innovation in weather-resistant roofing and sealing technologies, will be at the Phoenix Convention Center for 2024 IIBEC Trade Show, from March 8-11 at booth #417. At the show, the company will unveil its latest offerings that are sure to catch the interest of commercial contractors.

IIBEC’ annual event features live, in-person educational seminars, a two-day tradeshow, and live product demonstrations. IIBEC offers cutting-edge information regarding advanced technologies, design, construction, maintenance, and repair of modern and/or older building enclosures. 

Polyglass provides a variety of roofing essentials tailored for individuals involved in constructing or renovating roofs. Their product range includes waterproof barriers that keep buildings dry, base layers that add strength and support, protective paints that shield against the elements, and powerful adhesives for secure roof assembly. Polyglass’ focus is on making products that are not only effective but also simple to work with, helping roofers deliver great results. 

The spotlight at this year's IIBEC convention will be on three of Polyglass' most recent innovations: Modifleece™, PolyVap SA S, and the Seal the Envelope™ technologies.


Scheduled for launch at IIBEC 2024, Modifleece™ is a fleece-backed, SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) modified bitumen sheet, designed specifically for the challenges of low-slope commercial roofing. The integration of SBS gives the membrane exceptional durability, regardless of how extreme the temperatures get. its self-adhesive layer can stick firmly over even the most challenging surfaces like Lightweight Insulated Concrete (LWIC) or existing modified bitumen roofs, without the need for additional fasteners. Watertight, tear-resistant roofing seems are easier to achieve now – no need for hot asphalt or torches.

PolyVap SA S

PolyVap SA S is just as impressive. It’s a self-adhered vapor and air barrier for commercial low-slope roofing applications. This membrane features a high strength polypropylene sheet with an aggressive acrylic based adhesive on the bottom that bonds to most substrates. 

PolyVap SA S is a carrierless membrane and surfaced with a slip resistant top to enhance walkability. This membrane can be used as and air/vapor barrier and a temporary roof for up to 180 days. The top surface is compatible with approved coverboards and Polytherm insulation; mechanically attached or adhered with Polyglass LRF (low-rise foam) adhesive. 

Seal the Envelope™

While most waterproofing solutions focus on just the roof or foundation, Polyglass’ Seal the Envelope™ takes it several steps further. It’s the most advanced moisture barrier system in the market to protect all six sides of a building – i.e., envelope comprised of roof, walls, and foundation – against water, air, and vapor intrusion. A tight, well-sealed building means the HVAC systems don't have to work overtime, which means a smaller carbon footprint.

As one of the pioneers in waterproofing membranes for harsh environments, Polyglass will also showcase the patented ADESO Technology at IIBEC 2024. Celebrating its 20th year, ADESO provides high-performance, self-adhered (SA) membranes for the roof part of the system. It’s dual-compound, customizable membranes ensure a watertight seal and compatibility across the building's envelope. And this entire system comes with a single, ironclad Polyglass warranty.

As the construction sector evolves, Polyglass remains committed to staying ahead of the curve, providing solutions that address today's challenges while anticipating the needs of tomorrow's projects. The IIBEC convention in Phoenix this March provides the visitors an opportunity to see the company’s vision for the future of construction and how their focus on cutting-edge products translates into real-world, cost-saving benefits for contractors and builders.

Presentations and Demos:

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for an engaging live presentation and demo by Polyglass. This presentation and demo will focus on Building Envelope Solutions and Polyglass’ industry leading approach on addressing critical transition points. Join Mark Franciosi and Mike De Vito on Saturday, March 9th from 5:15 – 5:45pm on the demo stage inside the convention center.  

Meet Polyglass at booth# 417 during IIBEC! Secure your spot by registering or reach out to Polyglass for additional information on their cutting-edge roofing and waterproofing products.