Westlake Royal Building Products (“Westlake Royal”), a Westlake company, introduced an all new Material List Generator exclusively for Unified Steel, a premium brand of Westlake Royal’s Roofing Solutions. 

The intuitive system significantly simplifies the estimating process for both Unified Steel Stone Coated Roofing, the ultra-lightweight roofing system that benefits from the structural strength of steel, as well as Westlake Royal Roofing Components, a full line of integrated roof components designed to deliver a higher standard of roof installation and performance. There is no cost for builders, contractors, and homeowners to use the Material List Generator.

The Material List Generator is thoughtfully designed to integrate seamlessly with roof measurements acquired traditionally or through commonly used 3D and geospatial measurement generating software solutions and Westlake Royal’s own newly introduced Dream Home Visualizer, featuring Unified Steel, Newpoint Concrete Roof Tile and US Tile® Clay Roofing Products. Users simply insert basic project information and roof measurements into the Material List Generator, following a simple process to obtain an instant list of materials and quantities needed to fit the roof in question.

“The Material List Generator is our latest online tool simplifying the roofing process for our valued customers,” says Steve Booz, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Westlake Royal Building Products. “This tool takes a lot of the guesswork out of the estimating process. It capitalizes on existing prominent online roof measurement solutions including our own Dream Home Visualizer and marries the measurements they provide with the ability to easily generate a list of materials needed to complete the roof project.” 

To begin the material list generating process, users enter basic project details and roof measurements into the tool, select their installation type, and from there generate their custom materials list. The tool also allows users to save their projects for future reference. 

“This system has been designed intuitively for uncomplicated ease-of-use,” adds Booz. “The entire process takes just a few minutes and the results generated present users with a simple list of materials and products needed along with corresponding quantities. Users can provide the list to their distributor of choice to quickly get pricing and their materials ordered.”

Visit Westlake Royal Building Products | Roofing Solutions at the International Roofing Expo in booth #5335. To access the Material List Generator, visit https://westlakeroyalroofing.com/mlg/. To explore the full suite of Westlake Royal’s Roofing brands consisting of clay, concrete, steel, composite, and components roofing solutions, visit WestlakeRoyalRoofing.com.