All Weather Insulated Panels (AWIP) has introduced its enhanced Glimpse3D viewer with upgrades that now enable customers to better understand how the company’s insulated metal panels for wall and roof applications fit together.

Initially launched in 2022, the online resource provides an easy-to-use interface for customers to better visualize construction details through a wide range of options, including the ability to hide or make components translucent to learn how various components fit together, giving users the ability to toggle between perspective and orthographic views and more.

Now officially labeled as the Glimpse3D viewer, the three-dimensional tool features even more customizable options for customers to see AWIP’s products up close, including significant upgrades to the tool’s rendering quality.

“Finding new ways to make it easier for our customers to understand and utilize our products is our top priority,” said Marco Francisco, Director of Digital Construction at All Weather Insulated Panels. “We are pleased that these new additions continue to make that a reality, and we’re also proud that the Glimpse3D viewer is the first branded resource of its kind in the industry.”

Users can now use the Glimpse3D viewer to view products with intricate detail from various perspectives, allowing them to explore panels and trims in AWIP’s standard color range.

The online resource’s enhancements also include the ability to add text markups for queries, creating cross-sections using the clip plane functionality, while supporting the correct installation sequence with the play/pause/rewind feature. This feature can help to keep project timelines on schedule through a seamless installation process. Files can be downloaded in IFC and 3D PDF formats, with other formats available upon request.

The Glimpse3D viewer is being utilized by field service engineers and design service teams to support technical queries for architects and installers, while educating new starters both on-site and in the office.

For more information on AWIP’s Glimpse3D viewer, click here.