The Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI), a leading authority on post-tensioning (PT), announces the release of the 7th Edition of the Post-Tensioning Manual. This publication, first introduced in 1972, has been a cornerstone in the industry, offering comprehensive insights into the design and construction of post-tensioned structures.

The PT manual has played a pivotal role in shaping the understanding of post-tensioning technology.Over the years, it has evolved to keep pace with industry advancements and emerging practices. The latest edition represents a significant overhaul from its predecessor, the 6th Edition.

Key highlights of the 7th Edition include updates aligned with current codes and the integration of innovative practices. In addition, four new chapters and one new appendix have been introduced to broaden the scope and relevance of the manual. 

These include:

• Chapter 22: Repair, Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Structures

• Chapter 23: Building Information Modeling• Chapter 24: Anchorage Zone Design

• Chapter 25: Sustainability

• Appendix C: PTI Barrier Cable Tests 

PTI Past President, Jack Graves Jr stated, “This manual highlights the inherent benefits of post-tensioning for an array of construction applications and will be an invaluable resource for a diverse audience of students, educators, contractors, inspectors, building officials, owners, engineers and architects.”

The Post-Tensioning Manual is now available, providing essential guidance and principles for various post-tensioning applications. To acquire a copy or for more information, visit the PTI Store or contact PTI Bookstore at