Most people hear that there's a leaning toward in Italy and they assume it's about Pisa. This time, the leaning tower is in Bologna, and it is in need of restoration services to avoid a complete disaster.

The Garisenda is one of Two Towers, built between 1109 and 1119. The tower is located in the heart of Bologna, and sits about 157 feet above the ground. It's currently pitched at a four-degree angle, leaning much more than its neighboring tower.

Officials in the city fear that the structure is on the verge of completely collapsing. Officials were officially notified back in October when senors indicated a change in the angle and a weakening at the base, according to the BBC. On November 29, Bologna announced a $4.7 million project to start fixing up the Garisenda as part of a first phase of "making it safe."

This restoration will include the building of a protective belt to catch debris and shield surrounding buildings and people, should the tower collapse. This proposed barrier will also be installed with metal rockfall nets designed with ground anchoring systems.

Right now, the city is hoping construction will begin early 2024, and have also launched a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for restoration efforts. Bologna's mayor, Matteo Lepore, is petitioning for UNESCO to appoint both towers as world heritage sites. 

“We’re not intervening because we think it could collapse at any moment; we’re intervening because we want to make it safe and restore it,” Lepore told The Guardian. He added that the preservation project called on “commitment from the entire city and from those all over the world who love Bologna and one of its most important symbols.”