The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) has released its Project Delivery Primer, focusing on ensuring Owners have the appropriate information to make the vital early step of choosing the right delivery system for their projects. The enhanced Project Delivery Primer updates and combines two previous resources –– What is Design-Build? and Choosing a Project Delivery Method –– to reflect changes in the industry, including the growth of design-build and decline of design/bid/build. 

Choosing a project delivery method is one of the most fundamental decisions facing Owners when developing their acquisition strategy, and DBIA’s Project Delivery Primer provides guidance for choosing the right system for their projects. An Owner’s decision on the method of delivery drives how all other parties are brought into and engaged in the project, necessitating clear steps for planning, design and construction to ensure team members are on the same page throughout.  

Some key areas covered in the Project Delivery Primer include: 

  • Outlining the relationship between key factors of a project’s Strategic Acquisition Plan, including project delivery system, procurement method and contract format;
  • Describing the relationships between and responsibilities of the parties involved in a project;
  • Comparing and contrasting major project delivery systems: design-build, construction management at risk and design/bid/build.


DBIA is dedicated to promoting Design-Build Done Right®, which means understanding when design-build is the right delivery system for a project –– and when it is not. The Project Delivery Primer emphasizes the need for Owners to choose the path that leads to the desired project outcomes 

The new Project Delivery Primer, along with many other Design-Build Done Right® resources, can be downloaded in the DBIA Bookstore at no cost.