Jansen AG, the market leader for steel profile systems for windows, doors, and facades, has expanded its presence in the North American market via a new subsidiary, Jansen America, Inc.

Steel profile systems from the Swiss family-owned company are used in numerous buildings around the world. Creative architectural applications using Jansen steel systems can be found in landmark buildings gracing city skylines while also functioning to protect people and assets in those buildings from fire, acts of violence, and natural disasters. Beyond large commercial projects, Jansen steel systems can be found regularly in flagship retail stores, high-end restaurants, and luxury private residences – all looking for unique, signature styles.

Positive feedback from European architects, including being honored with numerous European awards, has helped increase interest from the U.S. architectural community. The three key advantages of Jansen steel systems – creativity, environmental performance, and safety – have been welcomed by architects, designers, and building owners alike.

“We are very grateful for the positive reception we received as we engaged in specific projects, first across the U.S. and then in Canada,” said Robert Miller, Head of Sales for Jansen America, and recently appointed CEO of the new subsidiary. “Jansen America is the foundation for future support in the U.S. and Canada. We have established a strong network across Latin America over the last few years and are now strengthening our position in North America. This subsidiary enables us to provide on-site support to our partner network of fabricators and installers, and the architectural community with whom we collaborate to create beautiful buildings.”

Based in New York City, Jansen America is ready to directly service the North American market effective November 2023. Jansen plans a growth strategy in 2024, including a localized product portfolio, certifications, and additional partnerships. 

Jansen America, Inc. made its trade fair debut on October 31 at GlassBuild in Atlanta, Georgia.