For Construction Specialties, market feedback is often the driving force behind product development. But new products can also arise as the solution to a project challenge that a customer has brought to the CS engineering teams. The latest round of louver product introductions from CS are a direct result of instances where CS met such project challenges, providing the most effective architectural solutions for the situation.

RS Storm-Resistant Combination Louvers

Vertically oriented louver blades provide better storm resistance. But based on customer feedback, architects prefer horizontal blades, which deliver a continuous sight line. CS hasengineered a system that delivers the necessary storm resistance with the desired aesthetic in one louver. This combination resists wind-driven rain and winds as high as 50 mph that can drive as much as 8" of water per hour.

● RS-5215 Storm-Resistant Louver: With the horizontal blades facing in a downward direction, this product is suited for lower-level applications, obscuring the vertical blades behind the horizontal front. This option features a shallow 5" depth and 51.6% free area.

● RS-5225 Storm-Resistant Louver: With horizontal blades facing upward, this product is best for higher-level applications. Viewers at street level won’t be able to see the vertical blades installed behind. This option has a 5" depth and 50% free area. 

DC-5804 Extreme Weather Louver 

For regions prone to the most dangerous weather events, even hurricanes or typhoons, Construction Specialties offers Dade-County-certified Extreme Weather Louvers. This architectural louver, which fully integrates with curtain wall systems and offers a glazing frame option, meets Dade County protocols for louvers including TAS-201, TAS-202 and TAS-203. The DC-5804 Extreme Weather Louver offers a shallow 5" depth and 54% free area. 

Perform Louvers Extension 

Perform Louvers are designed for architectural applications where the louver must deliver top performance without disrupting the design aesthetic. The collection, featuring a perforated “skin” obscuring black-coated louver blades behind it, can integrate into any curtain wall system and is available in storm-resistant models. The perforated skin is engineered and tested specifically to work as a system in conjunction with the rear louver blades. CS is the first and only manufacturer to offer a fully concealed louver system that has been performance tested by a third party for air performance and water penetration. New additions include:

● PL-3705 Perform Louver: At 5" depth, this is now the shallowest Perform Louver on the market, making it easier to handle and ideal for curtain wall applications. Available in a 3/8" hole pattern (48.4% free area) and a 1" hole pattern (53.2% free area).

● PL-3600 and PL5800 Perform Louver: Offering different depths and performance criteria, this CS Extreme Weather Louver: Orlando Veterans Affairs Medical Center CS Perform Louver (boxed in red) Loma Linda University Medical Center product option is now available with a 1” hole pattern in addition to a previously launched 3/8” hole pattern. 

While the 3/8" and 1" hole patterns round out the standard offering, CS is willing to test any hole patterns, shapes, sizes or other customization requests. “We’re all about problem-solving, and we expect our customers will bring us even their most challenging issues,” said Sean Carver, CS Senior Business Development Manager. “These new products underscore our commitment to enhancing both functionality and aesthetics while designing effective solutions for extreme weather applications.”