Award-winning architecture, design, and strategy firm NELSON Worldwide announced a strategic partnership with Studio Chintala, an architecture firm that will operate as NELSON’s Bangalore studio, effectively growing the firm’s footprint in India. Studio Chintala will mirror the firm’s practice areas including mixed-use, multifamily, asset strategy, hospitality, workplace, retail, industrial, science & technology, CCJ&E, and healthcare, allowing all members to collaborate with the extended team in Bangalore and build greater efficiency into the overall firm.  

With this partnership, NELSON leverages the talent at Studio Chintala to support the firm’s projects through a combination of flexible teams that can be utilized for quick-turn projects as well as dedicated, practice-specific teams that will collaborate on long-term projects. In addition to the overlap of time zones in both countries, creating a 24-hour work cycle, Studio Chintala leadership and staff possess extensive experience working in the United States, ensuring seamless collaboration among the Bangalore and U.S. teams.

“This partnership with Studio Chintala represents our unwavering commitment to meet the needs of our clients by not only joining forces with a multi-faceted, talented team of architects and designers, but in doing so, augmenting our design process for efficiency and excellence,” says John “Ozzie” Nelson, Jr., Chairman and CEO, NELSON Worldwide. 

The goal for this partnership is to develop core teams with an aligned purpose, passion, and a strong process-driven operation for all practice areas. With this foundation, the studio can focus on diversifying the teams both in skills and tasks for greater impact. Both efforts ultimately will enable NELSON to expand its global footprint.

“As we enter this partnership, we look forward to growing the relationship with NELSON and collaborating on a larger range of projects, becoming an integral part of the firm’s team,” says Diwakar Chintala, Founder and Principal Architect, Studio Chintala. “Together, we aim to build a great culture of design that can make a mass impact in India – and globally – for the NELSON Worldwide brand.”

As NELSON is fueled by its purpose to boldly transform all dimensions of the human experience within the physical and digital environments, so, too, is Studio Chintala, as the firm’s core belief is that design can impact lives. NELSON and Studio Chintala will ensure a profound understanding of each client’s vision, values, and culture to inform human-centric designs. Together, the firms innovate with purpose for a better tomorrow.