Kingspan Insulated Panels North America announced it has launched its new Sustainability Resource Center website at Greenbuild 2023 International Conference and Expo on September 27-28. 

The new Sustainability Resource Center addresses sustainability in the building products industry, helping to educate industry professionals including architects, specifiers, general contractors and owners. The Sustainability Resource Center offers a range of resources developed by industry experts that address four leading environmental concerns: carbon, energy, circularity and water.  

The website offers a library of educational content where users can search for content by topic (carbon, energy, circularity, water), type (case study, blog, white paper, etc.) or role (architects, contractors, general, owners). The content addresses the built industry’s impact on the environment and the role that building materials play in creating a more sustainable future.  

The Sustainability Resource Center addresses the following topics and more as it relates to the four leading environmental concerns:  

  • What is embodied carbon? 
  • Decarbonizing manufacturing to accelerate a net zero future 
  • What are net zero buildings? 
  • Energy use explained  
  • What is circularity? 
  • Combatting climate change through circularity  
  • Water in manufacturing 
  • Water in operations 


“Kingspan’s Sustainability Resource Center is a one-stop shop where industry professionals can expand their knowledge on the environmental impacts from the built environment,” said Brent Trenga, Director of Sustainability for Kingspan Insulated Metal Panels North America. “This is a resource that can be bookmarked and referenced at any given time. We want to make it easy for architects, contractors and building owners to arm themselves with information that will help them make sustainable choices in building material.” 

The Sustainability Resource Center also addresses Kingspan’s commitment to contributing to a clean energy future, managing the Earth’s resources more responsibly and protecting the natural environment.  

The built environment generates 40% of annual global CO2 emissions. Kingspan is determined to reduce its manufacturing carbon (CO2e) emissions to as close to zero as technically possible through its global sustainability initiative, Planet Passionate. The 10-year Planet Passionate sustainability program aims to have a positive impact on three global challenges: climate change, circularity and the protection of the natural world. 

Through its Planet Passionate program, Kingspan has achieved a 26% reduction in absolute scope 1 and 2 emissions since 2020. In North America alone, Kingspan has implemented multiple energy saving measures, including the installation of photovoltaic (PV) roofs at its Modesto, California and DeLand, Florida plants. The onsite PV systems power roughly 60% of the electricity at the Modesto facility, and roughly 95% of the electricity at the DeLand facility. Additionally, Kingspan’s Columbus plant and offices are utilizing 100% direct renewable electricity with direct-to-grid wind power, and its plant in Langley is utilizing 100% direct renewable natural gas, sourced from both agriculture and landfill reclamation. 


Kingspan’s Greenbuild 2023 booth is #1243.  

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